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SCENE ELEVEN: Katie's Home (continued)

Dr. Reid Oliver answers the door as Luke Snyder is standing by the couch in the living room.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Oh great, It's you.

ANGUS OLIVER: Yes, it's me- your Uncle.  Can we talk?

DR. REID OLIVER:  No, I'm sorry.  I have to help a friend plan a funeral.  (motions for Angus to leave)

LUKE SNYDER:  Come on Reid.  Hear him out.  You are a doctor and the man is sick.

DR. REID OLIVER:  (to Luke)  Doesn't change the fact that there is a funeral tomorrow.

ANGUS OLIVER:  Listen.  I don't want to bother you.  I can see you are very busy (sarcastically).  But I just need to know if I should stay in Oakdale or not.  Will you do the surgery for my tumor?  There is another hospital in California....

DR. REID OLIVER:  (cuts Angus off)  Fine.  Yes.  Whatever.  Call the hospital tomorrow and schedule an appointment.  We'll talk about it more then.  But I'm going to be tied up for the next few days with this funeral.

ANGUS OLIVER:  Thank you.  I'll let you get back to whatever you were doing with your friend. (with a disapproving tone)

DR. REID OLIVER:  Good bye!  (closes the door behind his Uncle)

Reid walks over to the couch and sits next to Luke.



LUKE SNYDER:  Are we going to talk about this?

DR. REID OLIVER:  Yes, eventually.  (stands up and walks towards the kitchen)  But, I've got two other things on my plate right now- helping Katie gets through Chris' funeral and finding out who is my real Father.  Angus is just going to have to wait in line.

LUKE SNYDER:  (walks towards Reid)  Fair enough.  Tell me what I can do to help?

DR. REID OLIVER:  Just.... be you.

Reid gives Luke soft kisses on his cheek.  The door flies open and it's Katie, looking like she hasn't slept in days.

KATIE SNYDER:  Continue on boys.  I'm heading straight for a shower and then to bed.  Tomorrow's going to be another long day.

SCENE TWELVE: Luther's Corners Church

It's a cool, crisp fall day in Illinois.  The town starts arriving for Chris Hugh's funeral.  Unlike past funerals, this event will be attended by more than 10 people.  There are big arrangements of flowers on the alter.  Dr. Bob Hughes and his wife Kim arrive in a black limo.  They enter the church.  Katie is already sitting in the second row, on the end.  There is organ music playing in the background.

KIM HUGHES:  (sits in the first pew)  Katie, honey, come sit with us.

Katie gets up and moves a row.

Dr. Reid Oliver and Luke Snyder arrive at the church together.  They sit next to Lily and Holden.  First, Reid goes over to Katie and gives her a kiss.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Do you need anything?

KATIE SNYDER:  Yes, a miracle.

DR. REID OLIVER:  I'm sorry sweetie.  (they hug)

The priest begins the service and Reid sits back down with Luke.  We also see Allison and Casey, Tom and Margo, John and Lucinda, among the crowd of about 100 people.

PRIEST:  Dr. Christopher Hughes dedicated his life to saving people.  He comes from a long line of doctors.....

SCENE THIRTEEN:  Bob and Kim's House

The whole town has gathered at Bob and Kim's house for a reception after the funeral.  There is lots of food out on the long table in the dining room.  Kim is busy prepping everything.  Bob is greeting people at the door.  Katie is sitting in a big chair in the living room talking to Allison and Casey.  Reid and Luke step up to the entrance of the house.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Bob, again- so sorry for your loss.

DR. BOB HUGHES:  Thank you both for coming... and thanks for doing everything in your power to help my son.  Too bad he didn't take your advice earlier and get the proper testing.

LUKE SNYDER:  (gives Bob a hug)  We'll head inside now.

Reid and Luke walk in and scan the room.  They see John and Lucinda in the corner of the living room.  Our boys look at each other in mutual support.  Without speaking, they know exactly what they have to do.  They start to walk over to one of Oakdale's most unique couples and Luke sees Noah.

LUKE SNYDER:  (stops short)  Noah!


DR. REID OLIVER:  (upset) Mr. Mayer.

NOAH MAYER:  I guess I'll call you Reid, now that you're not my doctor.  If that's ok with you?  (says with attitude)

LUKE SNYDER:  What are you doing here?  I thought you were headed to LA.

NOAH MAYER:  I changed my ticket so I could pay my respects to the Hughes.  Plus, I'm picking up some equipment.  So, it made sense to postpone my trip a few days.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Lucky us.

LUKE SNYDER:  (shoots Reid a look of disappointment)  Noah, can I speak to you outside for a moment?

Reid looks down.  Noah smiles and the two head outside.  You can tell Reid wants to knock Noah into next week!

Luke and Noah are standing on the front lawn.  Reid can't help but look out the window every 10 seconds, but he can't hear the conversation. John walks over.

DR. JOHN DIXON:  So, Reid, tell me more about this fundraiser for the Neuro Wing....

Reid is trying to answer John's questions, although he is totally distracted.

LUKE SNYDER:  Listen.  I know we are still friends and this is a small town.  You're only here for a few more days....

NOAH MAYER:  (cuts him off)  Oh, I'm sure your boyfriend is happy about that.

LUKE SNYDER:  Noah, stop it.  Remember- YOU are the one who dumped ME.  YOU pushed ME away!  YOU decided to move to LA.  And I've decided to move on.  I'm REALLY happy with Reid.  I've never met anyone like him....

NOAH MAYER:  Spare me the details, PLEASE! (looks away)

LUKE SNYDER:  I don't understand why you are so bitter and angry.

NOAH MAYER:  Luke, you don't just love someone one day and then shut it off the next.  I know ending our relationship was my choice, but it's still hard to see you with someone else.  Especially HIM!

LUKE SNYDER:  Don't you want me to be happy?

NOAH MAYER:  Of course I do. (looks right into Luke's eyes)

LUKE SNYDER:  Well, I'm happy with Reid.  We're good for each other.  Trust me when I say this:  I am so grateful for what you and I had.  You taught me so much about myself and about love.  I am me today- because of you.  I will forever cherish that.  But, I've turned a corner.  I'm ready for this relationship with Reid.  I finally feel like I'm comfortable with myself and ready to act like an adult.  No more games.  That's the way Reid plays it.

NOAH MAYER:  You know what- I AM happy for you Luke.  I'm glad you finally found someone who can give you what you want.  (stomps off)

Reid looks out the window and sees Noah get all angry and leave.  He can't help but smile.
SCENE TEN: The Lakeview Hotel

Dr. Reid Oliver and Luke Snyder decide to head over to the Lakeview Hotel to get a DNA sample from Dr. John Dixon.  Reid's Uncle dropped a bomb on Reid the other day that John Dixon is his biological father.  Before Reid confronts John, he wants to get proof.  Of course Luke is by his side every step of the way.

We see Lucinda Walsh and Dr. John Dixon enjoying a quiet dinner at the Lakeview.  Reid and Luke walk in and head right for their table. 

LUKE SNYDER:  Hello Grandmother.

LUCINDA WALSH:  Luke!  What are you doing here?  I thought you had to prepare for a meeting?

DR. JOHN DIXON: (to Reid)  Hello Dr. Oliver.


LUKE SNYDER: Well, I hope it's not to late to join you two.  

LUCINDA WALSH:  Sure darling- grab a couple of chairs.

Luke and Reid both take empty chairs from the neighboring table and sit down.  John and Reid are on the left and Lucinda and Luke are sitting together on the right side.

DR. JOHN DIXON:  (to the waiter walking by)  Excuse me, can we have two more menus?

WAITER:  Yes sir- here you go.  (hands Luke & Reid menus)

LUCINDA WALSH:  Tell me Luke, what is this upcoming meeting about?  The Neuro Wing?

LUKE SNYDER:  Yes.  We're going to be planning a holiday fundraiser in December.  I was thinking of holding it here, in the hotel ballroom and maybe ask my Mother for some assistance.  The rumor is she planned a few of these in her day.

DR. JOHN DIXON:  Oh yes, in the 80's I attended many AIDS fundraisers organized by Lily.  She would be a tremendous resource for you Luke.

DR. REID OLIVER:  And after Chris Hugh's funeral, we might want to approach Kim about WOAK covering the event.

LUCINDA WALSH:  Sounds like a good plan.  Now let's order some dinner.  Waiter!!!!!!

Reid, Luke, Lucinda and John enjoy a nice dinner.  Reid stays pretty calm, even though he may be sitting next to his father.  He's waiting for the right moment to grab a glass or utensil that could be used for the DNA test.

John's cell phone rings.

DR. JOHN DIXON:  Dr. Dixon..... yes..... OK.

LUCINDA WALSH:  What's wrong John?

DR. JOHN DIXON: (stands up)  I've got an emergency at the hospital.  I'm sorry.  I've got to go.

LUCINDA WALSH:  Good timing because we just finished dinner.  I'll drive you.  Goodbye Luke, Reid. (stands up next to John)

LUKE SNYDER: Thank you.  Hope everything is OK at the hospital.

DR. JOHN DIXON:  Sorry- have to run.  (John and Lucinda quickly leave)

Reid looks at Luke as if they just won the lottery.

LUKE SNYDER:  Wow- talk about luck.  

DR. REID OLIVER:  It wasn't luck.  I paid a nurse ten bucks to call John with a fake emergency.

LUKE SNYDER:  (laughs)  Well, it worked.  Now let's get the sample and get out of here.

DR. REID OLIVER:  I'll get the glass, you get the bill, Richie Rich.  (smiles)

SCENE ELEVEN: Katie's Home

Reid and Luke walk into Katie's home.  Reid has the glass in his hand, wrapped up in a cloth napkin.  He goes over to the kitchen and gets a big ziplock bag.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Do you want something to drink?

LUKE SNYDER:  Ice water is fine- thanks. (sits on the couch)

Reid finishes packing up the sample and gets Luke's drink.

LUKE SNYDER:  How long do you think it will take to get the results?

DR. REID OLIVER:  Probably about a week or two.

LUKE SNYDER:  Is the test 100% accurate?

DR. REID OLIVER:  In my experience, pretty close to that.  I'm just going to have to accept the results- whatever they are.

Reid walks over to the couch and puts the water down on the coffee table.  Luke stands up.

LUKE SNYDER:  I don't know how you're going to be able to wait weeks to find out who your father is.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Maybe if I have something to distract me it won't be so bad.  (smiles)

Reid places his hand on Luke's right cheek.  They start kissing.

LUKE SNYDER:  Do you expect Katie to come back soon?

DR. REID OLIVER: (disappointed)  Yes.  Maybe.  I'm not sure when they are coming back.

LUKE SNYDER:  You know- it's very hard to me to control myself.  I keep flashing back to our night at the Lakeview.  

DR. REID OLIVER:  Does it matter to you if I'm John's son?

LUKE SNYDER:  Of course it matters.  But I'm here for you no matter what.  And if it's true- your life is going to get a lot more complicated.  

DR. REID OLIVER:  As long as you and I aren't blood related, I can handle the additional family.  (smiles)

LUKE SNYDER:  Wait until Margo hears about this.

DR. REID OLIVER:  I don't want to tell anyone until we get the results back.  OK? 

LUKE SNYDER:  Your secret is safe with me.

There is a knock at the door.  It's Reid's Uncle, Angus.
SCENE SEVEN: Oakdale Memorial Hospital (continued)

Luke Snyder just kissed Dr. Reid Oliver goodbye near the coffee station and Dr. John Dixon made a typical "Johnny Boy" sarcastic remark to Reid.  John doesn't know that Reid found out yesterday about their genetic connection.  Now the Neurologist and the Heart Doctor stand in the hallway together and Reid has to decide how to handle the situation.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Good afternoon Dr. Dixon.

DR. JOHN DIXON:  Same to you Dr. Oliver.  I wanted to say thanks for trying your best to get that heart for Chris Hughes.  And it was the right move to ask me to consult on the case.  A lot has changed since I last worked at Memorial.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Yes it has.  When are you heading back to Baltimore?

DR. JOHN DIXON:  There has been a change of plans.  Lucinda Walsh and I have decided to get married, again.  I'm going to be staying here in town.  Who knows- maybe I'll be the next Chief of Staff.  (laughs)

John walks away and goes back to work.

NURSE:  Dr. Oliver, you're needed in room 512.

Reid heads off in the opposite direction.


Luke Snyder walks in Java wearing a dark green t-shirt.  His ex-boyfriend, Noah, used to work there.  But now he has left for California, to start a movie career.  Luke can't help but think of Noah every time he enters the coffee shop.  Luke gets some coffee and turns around to find a table. His Grandmother, Lucinda walks in the door.

LUCINDA WALSH:  Hello Darling.  I have some news.

LUKE SNYDER:  Please, take a seat.

Luke motions to Lucinda to sit down at the table.  He has a drink in front of him.

LUCINDA WALSH:  I wanted to let you know that John Dixon will be moving into my home.  I guess one can say we are "back together".

LUKE SNYDER:  Grandmother, that's wonderful.  But... (Luke stops himself)

LUCINDA WALSH:  Spit it out.  But what?

LUKE SNYDER:  It's not my place to say.

LUCINDA WALSH:  You don't approve of us together?

LUKE SNYDER:  No.  That's not what I'm saying.  I'm REALLY happy for the two of you.  You make a great couple.

LUCINDA WALSH:  Thank you.  Now, how are things with you and your doctor?

LUKE SNYDER:  Things are going well.  In fact, I'm sort of moving in with him.

LUCINDA WALSH:  "sort of moving in"?  What does that mean exactly?

LUKE SNYDER:  A lot has been going on the last few days, you know with Chris Hughes dying.  (Lucinda shakes her head in agreement).  We haven't had a chance to sit down and work out all of the details.  But, Katie and Jacob are going to be moving out in a few days and Reid asked me to spend more time with him, there, at Katie's.  We're just going to take it day by day.  But, I'll keep you updated on any developments.

LUCINDA WALSH:  Oh you better, young man.  And if you need ANYTHING just ask.  I'm very proud of you.  This neurology wing at Memorial is a wonderful project and I'm so happy you're involved.  Nice to see some of that Grimaldi money being used for good, for once. (snippy)

LUKE SNYDER:  Well, I do appreciate your support.  Have you talked to Mother about John yet?

LUCINDA WALSH:  No.  She's still furious and won't talk to me.

LUKE SNYDER:  I might be able to help you with that in the near future.  Just give me a little time to work out the details- OK?

LUCINDA WALSH:  OK.  I've got to head over to Memorial and meet John.  Do you need a ride?

LUKE SNYDER:  Sounds great.

SCENE NINE: Oakdale Memorial Hospital

Luke and Lucinda walk into the main hallway of the hospital.  Luke sees Reid come out of an exam room. 


Reid turns around, stops, and then walks over to Luke and Lucinda.

LUKE SNYDER:  You remember my Grandmother, Lucinda Walsh?

DR. REID OLIVER:  Of course, Hello Ms. Walsh.

LUCINDA WALSH:  Sooooo- you're with my Grandson now?

DR. REID OLIVER:  Yes, ma'am.

LUCINDA WALSH:  You better be good to him or you'll have ME to deal with.

LUKE SNYDER:  Grandmother!  (embarrassed)

DR. REID OLIVER:  Well, now I know where Lily gets it from.

LUCINDA WALSH:  Get's what from?

DR. JOHN DIXON: (Interrupts)  Hello.  (gives Lucinda a kiss on the cheek)

LUCINDA WALSH:  Are you ready for lunch at the Lakeview?

DR. JOHN DIXON:  Sure. Let's go.  Do you boys want to join us?

LUKE SNYDER:  Thanks, but we have a meeting about the Neuro wing to prepare for.

DR. JOHN DIXON:  Suit yourself.

John and Lucinda leave.

LUKE SNYDER: (half whisper)  When are you going to tell him?

DR. REID OLIVER:  Tell him what?  That I THINK I'm his bastard son?

LUKE SNYDER:  Reid, don't say it like that.

DR. REID OLIVER:  I just want to know for sure before I say anything to him.  A guy his age could have a massive heart attack after hearing news like that.

LUKE SNYDER:  First of all- anyone would be happy to find out you were their son.  Second- I think you're right about confirming the rumor.

DR. REID OLIVER:  I guess we'll have to do the old DNA sample.

LUKE SNYDER:  Off to the Lakeview?

DR. REID OLIVER:  Yes.  No time like the present.  Let's go get that sample.

They rush off to catch Lucinda and John.
SCENE SIX:  Katie's Home

After Dr. Reid Oliver and Luke Snyder had their night alone at the Lakeview, Reid heads back home to check on Katie.  Her boyfriend, Chris Hughes, tragically passed away the day before.  Reid feels protective of Katie because she was the first person to befriend him when he came to town.  She opened her home to Reid and welcomed him as a member of the family.  Reid did everything he could to help Chris, including keeping his deadly secret and giving him medical attention.  Reid risked everything, not so much for Chris, but for Katie.  And now it was his job to once again, be there for her.  

Reid is sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of orange juice and a pile of paperwork.  It's 8AM.  Katie walks in the front door looking like she's been up all night.

DR. REID OLIVER: Hey Goldielocks, you're home.

Reid meets Katie in the middle of the living front, by the couch and gives her a hug.  She starts crying, again.  They sit down.  Reid puts his arm around Katie and she rests her head on his shoulder.

KATIE SNYDER:  Oh Reid, I can't believe Chris is gone.  I can't believe this is happening to me, again!

DR. REID OLIVER: How are things going with the funeral arrangements?

KATIE SNYDER:  Bob and Kim are handling everything.  I don't know if I can go to another service.

DR. REID OLIVER:  You are going to get yourself a case of tissues and support your friends and family.  Katie, sometimes you have to look beyond your own pain and consider the feelings of others.  You need to go to that funeral.

KATIE SNYDER:  You're right.  

Katie gets up from the couch and heads over to the kitchen for some coffee.

KATIE SNYDER:  By the way, I have some news.  I talked to my Mom this morning.  She wants Jacob and I to visit her for a while.

DR. REID OLIVER:  How long is a while?

KATIE SNYDER:  I was thinking about 6 months.  I'll leave after the service.  I just need to get away from this town- from all the bad memories.

DR. REID OLIVER: (stands up & walks towards the kitchen)  Should I start looking for a new place to live?

KATIE SNYDER:  Oh no.  I want you to stay.  It's a good investment and I would lose money if I sold right now- you know- with the market the way it is.  Maybe eventually you can get a new roommate. (smiles)

DR. REID OLIVER:  Oh, speaking of roommates, Luke and I spent the night together at the Lakeview last night.

KATIE SNYDER:  (gives Reid a big hug)  Reid I am so happy for you! and Luke!  He brings out the best in you.  Wow, some good news.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Yes- it is good.  Great actually.  I don't know what's going to happen next exactly.  But things are changing.  I have some more news.  Maybe you want to sit down.

KATIE SNYDER:  (sits) OK.  

DR. REID OLIVER:  I saw my Uncle last night.

KATIE SNYDER:  Why was he here?

DR. REID OLIVER:  He's dying.  Brain tumor. (says in a matter of fact way)

KATIE SNYDER:  Lucky he has a relative who is the most talented brain surgeon in the world.  Is it serious?

DR. REID OLIVER:  I don't know yet.  I'm not even sure if I'm going to treat him.  There is a lot I have to figure out.  But, my Uncle gave me some news.  Some information about my biological Father.  It's John Dixon.

KATIE SNYDER:  You're kidding me?

DR. REID OLIVER:  Well, I haven't seen a DNA test yet.  But that is what I've been told.

KATIE SNYDER:  John Dixon, wow.  Now that you mention it- I do see some John in you.  (smiles)

DR. REID OLIVER:  Luke said the same thing. 

Reid checks his watch.

DR. REID OLIVER:  I've got to head to the hospital, my shift is starting soon.  Are you going to be OK?  Where's Jacob?

KATIE SNYDER:  Margo took him.  I think I'm going to take a nap and then go back to Bob and Kim's.  (walks to the bedroom)  

As Reid heads out the door, Katie turns around quickly.



KATIE SNYDER:  Thank you for... well everything.  And I hope it's true about John.  Everybody needs a pain-in-the-ass doctor in their life. (laughs)

Reid walks out and shuts the door.

SCENE SEVEN: Oakdale Memorial Hospital

Dr. Reid Oliver is in the break room getting ready for work and puts on his blue scrubs.  He's trying his best to block out all the personal issues from the last 24 hours and focus on what he does best- saving lives!  Luke Snyder opens the door.

LUKE SNYDER:  HERE you are!  How's Katie?

DR. REID OLIVER:  Pretty good considering her life is falling apart, again.  

LUKE SNYDER:  I'm glad you were there for her.  One of the many reasons why I love you.  (smiles)

The two embrace.  The door opens and it's Henry Coleman.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Hank- are you here for an exam?  Another mystery cough?

HENRY COLEMAN:  The only mystery is how on earth Luke tolerates you.

DR. REID OLIVER:  One could say the same thing about Barbara Ryan.

LUKE SNYDER:  (trying to break the tension) Speaking of Barbara, congratulations on the wedding.

HENRY COLEMAN:  Thank you kind sir.

DR. REID OLIVER:  So how did it feel to marry your Brother's Mom?

LUKE SNYDER:  REID!  (Luke grabs Reid's arm) Let's go get some coffee in the hallway.

HENRY COLEMAN:  I'm here looking for Katie.  Do you know where she is?

DR. REID OLIVER:  She's home taking a nap and then going to Bob and Kim's later.  By the way, you're about to lose your supposed best friend.

HENRY COLEMAN:  What does that mean?

DR. REID OLIVER: (as we walks out)  Ask Katie.

SCENE EIGHT: Oakdale Memorial Hospital

Dr. Reid Oliver and Luke Snyder are getting coffee in the hallway.

LUKE SNYDER:  What did you mean when you told Henry he was going to lose his best friend?

DR. REID OLIVER:  Katie told me this morning she's going to spend at least 6 months with her Mother after the funeral.

LUKE SNYDER:  I assume with Jacob too?

DR. REID OLIVER:  Oh yes, the drool machine is getting out of Jokedale- lucky kid.

LUKE SNYDER: Are you jealous?

DR. REID OLIVER:  Of a child who can't eat solid food?  Nope- I hate strained peas.  Yuk.  (makes face)

LUKE SNYDER:  No, I'm serious.  What do you have planned?  Are you staying at Katie's alone?


LUKE SNYDER:  You're going to move?  Not back to Dallas.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Who said anything about moving?  I meant I don't PLAN on living at Katie's ALONE.

LUKE SNYDER:  Well, I know you're not getting a puppy...

DR. REID OLIVER:  Oh yes, puppies are the worst.  They pee everywhere and...

LUKE SNYDER:  (cuts Reid off)  Reid!  What are you planning?

DR. REID OLIVER:  (seriously) I don't know exactly what is going to happen with my Uncle, with John Dixon, or my job.  I just know that I don't want to go through it alone. 

LUKE SNYDER:  You're not alone.  (grabs Reid's hand)

DR. REID OLIVER: And I'm not saying I want you to officially move all your belongings into Katie's by the end of the day.  But I want both of us to spend some time- together- alone.  I hope you want to bring some of your stuff over.  And we'll see how everything works out.  If it works out- it works out.  But, I think it's worth a try.

LUKE SNYDER:  I agree. (smiling)

DR. REID OLIVER:  And I REALLY like waking up with you in the morning. 

LUKE SNYDER:  Tell me something I don't know.  

DR. REID OLIVER:  Approximately 85% of cerebral aneurysms develop in the anterior part of the Circle of Willis, and involve the internal carotid arteries....

Luke playfully slaps Reid on the arm.  Reid laughs.

LUKE SNYDER:  I will see you after your shift.

Luke kisses Reid goodbye and walks off.  Dr. John Dixon is standing near by.

DR. JOHN DIXON:  Nice public display of affection Dr. Oliver.

Reid is standing there like a deer in headlights, figuring out his next move.
SCENE FOUR:   The Lakeview Bar/Restaurant (continued)

Dr. Reid Oliver, Luke Snyder and Uncle Angus Oliver are sitting at a table in the Lakeview Hotel Restaurant.  Angus just shared a lot of new information with our boys. 

DR. REID OLIVER:  Are you sure JOHN DIXON is my biological Father?  Maybe that brain tumor is effecting your memory?

ANGUS OLIVER:  That's why I wrote it down here on this piece of paper.  Are you going to try to find him?

DR. REID OLIVER:  Find him?  Ha.  I work with the guy at Memorial. (gets up) I haven't seen you in 20 years and you dump all of this on me. I can't do this anymore.  Come on Luke.

Luke quickly gets up and the two head upstairs.

SCENE FIVE: The Lakeview Suite

Reid and Luke walk back into the suite.  Reid is pacing back and forth, not knowing exactly what to say or do next.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Usually I'm in control of the situation, but my mind is spinning.  Luke, I just don't know how to process this.

LUKE SNYDER:  Well, John Dixon has been a family friend for years.  Actually, he was married to my grandmother Lucinda for a while.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Of course- everyone in the town is related.  What is it with you people?

LUKE SNYDER:  MY POINT IS-- he's a good guy and a great surgeon.  I'm not surprised he's your father.  (laughs)  And you both have the same bedside manner.  I guess it's in your genes.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Just like how you inherited traits from your biological Father?

LUKE SNYDER:  Listen- we can get into a fight about nature vs nurture if you want.  Or we could come up with a plan on how to deal with this situation.  Like I said, John is a good guy.  He's not Damian.  

DR. REID OLIVER: (sits on the bed)  I'm sorry Luke.  I didn't mean to throw your Father in your face.

LUKE SNYDER: (sits next to Reid) Well, that would be hard- he's a big man.  (fake laugh)

Luke's attempt at a joke breaks the tension and Reid smiles.  Luke lovingly puts his arm on Reid's back.

DR. REID OLIVER:  I just don't understand my Uncle.

LUKE SNYDER:  People make bad decisions when they face death.  Just look at Chris Hughes.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Yes, look at him- he's dead.  I don't want to be responsible for Angus dying... or not dying.  I just don't want anything to do with the man.  I want my past to be my past.

LUKE SNYDER:  Listen (puts his hand on Reid's face) every single thing that has happened in your past- good or bad- has made you the man you are today.  You have to thank him for giving you such a hard time, because it made you stronger.

DR. REID OLIVER:  That's insane.

LUKE SNYDER:  No- think about it.  You were so driven all those years because you wanted to prove him wrong.  Why did you send him that Knight?  It meant something.  He meant something.  You took a negative situation and made it a positive.  You saved so many lives as a result.  You should thank him for that.

DR. REID OLIVER:  I'd rather save my thank you's for you. (reaches over and places his hand on Luke's shoulder)

LUKE SNYDER:  I'm sure there are enough to go around. 

Luke leans in and the two kiss.  There are pauses in between, where they look right into each others eyes.  Reid's cell phone goes off and he quickly looks at the caller ID.  It's Katie.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Katie is just going to have to wait.

They resume... and then stop.

LUKE SNYDER:  I love you.

DR. REID OLIVER:  I love you too and I really want to be with you.

LUKE SNYDER:  Are you nervous?

DR. REID OLIVER:  A little.  But, it's a good nervous.  You are finally getting what you want- privacy and a bed.

LUKE SNYDER:  ...and you Dr. Oliver.

DR. REID OLIVER:  I like how that sounds Mr. Snyder. (smiles)

Reid quickly takes off Luke's shirt by pulling it over his head.  It leaves Luke's hair all messy, but in a good way.  Reid gently kisses Luke's shoulder, then neck, and back to his lips.  Luke is now unbuttoning Reid's shirt.  He can't get the last button and just rips it off him and throws the clothing on the floor. 

DR. REID OLIVER:  You were right when you said I always get what I want.

Luke smiles in agreement and lays back on the bed and rests his head on the huge pillows.  Reid places his shirtless body on top of Luke's.  They continue kissing, touching, holding.... all the love and passion that's been building up for 9 months is now being transferred into this moment. 

SCENE SIX: The Lakeview Suite

It's the morning.  Reid is still sleeping.  Luke is standing at the door and signs the bill for roomservice.  The waiter says thank you and leaves.  Luke turns around to see that Reid is waking up.  Reid gets up and sits at the edge of the king sized bed.

LUKE SNYDER:  Sorry if I woke you.  But, I wanted to make sure you had breakfast.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Honestly, I'm not hungry.

LUKE SNYDER:  (put his hand on Reid's forehead)  Are you sick?

DR. REID OLIVER:  I'm feeling something, but I wouldn't call it sickness.  Just the opposite. (smiles)

LUKE SNYDER:  Was last night everything you hoped for?

DR. REID OLIVER:  Yes.  But maybe we should have waited longer.

LUKE SNYDER:  (alarmed)  LONGER?  Are you kidding me?  I think we waited long enough.  How many adults go months without getting physical- especially in THIS town?

DR. REID OLIVER:  Well, it's ain't called "Jokedale" for no reason.

Reid stands up and holds both of Luke's hand.

DR. REID OLIVER:  For me, it was worth the wait.  Do you feel the same?  I know you needed some time and yesterday was an exhausting day between Chris Hughes dying and my Uncle Angus coming back into town.

LUKE SNYDER:  It's humorous to me how unsure of yourself you are sometimes.  Can't you feel how much I care about you?  how much I love you?  How important you are to me?  Can't you feel it?  (Luke places his hand on Reid's heart)

The energy from Luke takes Reid's breath away.

DR. REID OLIVER:  Yes.  I can feel it.  Can you feel my heart beating faster? (smiles)

Luke places his ear against Reid's chest.

LUKE SNYDER:  It's the best sound in the world.
SCENE THREE: The Lakeview Hotel (continued)

An employee of the Lakeview just dropped off food for Luke & Reid.  They start opening & unwrapping sandwiches and grilled vegetables.

LUKE SNYDER:  Are we going to talk about your Uncle?

REID OLIVER:  I guess this is the hard part about being in a relationship.  (laughs- then takes a deep breath)  The man downstairs is my Father's older Brother, Angus.  I haven't seen him since I was 15 years old.  

LUKE SNYDER:  That's a long time.

REID OLIVER:  Not long enough in my book.  You see, I was adopted.  My parents always treated me like a possession- something they bought- like a car or an expensive painting.  They kept me at a distance.  I told you about my experience playing chess?


REID OLIVER:  Well my Uncle Angus thought he was being supportive by attending all of my chess matches.  My last tournament, I was 9 years old.  I failed to move my Knight correctly and lost a match.  My Uncle took that piece and pushed it into the palm of my hand.  He said "This is what it feels like to lose." 

LUKE SNYDER:  What did you do?

REID OLIVER:  I won the next 45 matches.  Then I walked away from the game.  Years later, I mailed that Knight to him with a note saying "I graduated from medical school- checkmate."  (smiles)  I didn't want the bastard to think he got the best of me.

LUKE SNYDER:  Of course not.  Do you want to go downstairs and see if he's still there?  Do you even want to see him again?

REID OLIVER:  (thinks)  No.  Yes.  (stands up)  Luke, I really wanted this to be a special night.  I don't want Angus to ruin it.  I've had enough of my family getting in the way of my happiness.

LUKE SNYDER:  Well, except for the obvious, are you happy?  (smiles)

REID OLIVER:  (places his hand on the back of Luke's neck)  Life is short and I'm prepared to enjoy every moment I can with you.  YOU make me happy.

Reid and Luke kiss passionately.  This time it's different.  Luke feels closer to Reid after he just shared so much about his past.  He wants to show Reid how much he truly loves him.  An unconditional love that is foreign to Jokedale's newest brain surgeon. 

LUKE SNYDER:  You know what I just realized?


LUKE SNYDER:  Both of us were raised by men who were not our biological fathers.

REID OLIVER:  Yes, but you upgraded.

LUKE SNYDER:  So what do you want to do about your Uncle?

REID OLIVER:  The man must be here for a reason.  Do you mind if we go downstairs and try to catch him?


SCENE FOUR:   The Lakeview Bar/Restaurant

Luke and Reid leave their very comfortable hotel suite and walk into the bar with confidence.  Angus is finishing up his 3rd beer for the night.  Reid walks right up to Angus, with Luke just two steps behind, trying to catch up.

REID OLIVER:  Hello Angus.


REID OLIVER:  Why are you here?

ANGUS OLIVER:  Well, I read an article about the new Neurology Wing at Oakdale Memorial Hospital and I thought I would come here and find you.  But, you found me first.  Who is this, your body guard?

LUKE SNYDER: (extends his hand to Angus)  I'm Luke Snyder.

REID OLIVER:  What do you want?

ANGUS OLIVER:  Three things.  First I wanted to give you this.  (He hands Reid the Knight)  Do you remember it?

REID OLIVER:  Of course I do. (staring right into Angus' eyes) 

ANGUS OLIVER:  Well, (stutters) I was thinking... it's probably time to give it back.

REID OLIVER:  What if I don't want it back?

ANGUS OLIVER:  You were always a loud mouth, know-it-all.  Just take the damn knight.  I want you to have it because I'm sick.  That's the second reason why I am here.  I need an operation to remove a brain tumor.  And you're the best... so I've read.

REID OLIVER:  Yes. I am.  So, what is the third reason?

ANGUS OLIVER:  I wanted to tell you who your real Father is, in case something happens to me.  It's time you know Reid.

LUKE SNYDER:  Maybe we should all sit down at a table?

All three men walk over to an empty table.  The whole time Luke is in shock listening to the conversation.  He can only imagine the emotions that Reid is feeling. 

ANGUS OLIVER:  Are you two going to get a drink?

REID OLIVER:  Can you just finish the conversation, for once?  

ANGUS OLIVER:  OK.  OK.  As you know, my brother adopted you as a baby.  It wasn't until your biological Mother died, that we knew the name of your Father.  I'm not even sure if the man knew he had a son. 

LUKE SNYDER:  And you know who he is?

ANGUS OLIVER:  Yes.  I looked up his information.  Ironically, he's a doctor at John Hopkins in Maryland.  His name is.... (pulls out a piece of paper from his jacket pocket.)  It's John Dixon.

Reid and Luke look at each other in total shock.  Little does Reid know how his life is about to change.
SCENE THREE: The Lakeview Hotel

Dr. Reid Oliver & Luke Snyder walk into the lobby of the Lakeview.  Of course all the employees know who Luke is, because his Mother, Lily, is part owner of the hotel. 

HOTEL DESK EMPLOYEE: Good afternoon, Luke.  Can I help you?

LUKE SNYDER: Yes, can I please have one of the suites on the top floor?

HOTEL DESK EMPLOYEE:  Why sure.  Let me just process the information.  (typing)

Reid looks back into the lounge and see his Uncle Angus at the bar.  Angus is a tall, skinny fellow in his 50's.  The lines on his face suggest he's a bitter man who rarely smiles and takes life a little too seriously.  He's dressed in dark, neutral tones and of course, sitting alone.

Reid's eyes open wide and quietly takes a gasp of air in disbelief.  He turns away, as if to pretend the man who caused him so much pain in childhood wasn't sitting right there, 50 feet away from him.

LUKE SNYDER:  I've got the keycard.  Let's head upstairs.

REID OLIVER: (distracted) OK.

Luke and Reid head into the elevator.  

LUKE SNYDER:  You're find with this location, right?  I mean, there ARE some bad memories here.  Like the elevator breaking down and Noah punching you out.

REID OLIVER:  Wow, you REALLY know how to set the mood.

LUKE SNYDER: (Laughs) Sorry.  I promise not to mention Noah anymore.  He's in LA and in my past.  YOU are my present. (grabs Reid's hand)

Reid doesn't respond the way Luke is expecting.  He senses Reid's distraction.

LUKE SNYDER:  What's wrong?

The bell rings and the elevator doors open.  The couple walks about ten feet to the penthouse suite.  Luke puts the card in the slot & easily opens the door. 

LUKE SNYDER:  I REALLY didn't mean to hurt your feelings and mention... (pause) what's-his-name.  Please don't be upset.

REID OLIVER: (shakes his head) No, it's not that.

LUKE SNYDER:  Then what is it?  I was hoping we would have our big, romantic time together.  I've been waiting months to be alone with you.  You know that. 

Reid sits at the edge of the bed.  Luke sits next to him.

REID OLIVER:  It's not easy for me sometimes.  To talk about my past.


REID OLIVER:  (quickly jumps up & grabs the menu on the table)  Could we order some room service?  I'm hungry.

LUKE SNYDER:  (stands up and grabs the menu out of Reid's hand) Reid- you're ALWAYS hungry.  Come on.  Please just tell me what is bothering you!

REID OLIVER:  It was a really stressful day trying to get Chris that heart and then the idiot goes and dies on everyone.  Katie's heartbroken.  Bob & Kim are upset...

LUKE SNYDER:  (cuts him off) Will you stop making excuses and tell me what's wrong?

REID OLIVER: (pauses)  I saw my Uncle in the lounge.

LUKE SNYDER:  I'll make the call and order us some dinner.  It's going to be OK.

Luke gives Reid a reassuring smile and calls room service and orders enough food for an army.  He knows no matter what happens, it's going to be a long night.

SIDE NOTE:  I'm writing these scenes in the style of a soap opera.  I think it helps to continue with the storyline in this way.  Each of my parts will be an episode of the show.  For example, Part One would be a Monday.  Part two would be Tuesday, etc.  Of course in my world (LOL) the boys would be in every episode and fans wouldn't have to wait days or weeks to see them on the small screen.
Dr. Reid Oliver heads to Bay City after declaring his love for Luke Snyder in the parking lot of Oakdale Memorial Hospital.  Waiting on the 4th floor is Dr. Chris Hughes, a misguided and selfish chap, who put his life in danger because he wouldn't see a heart specialist.  Thankfully, Dr. Oliver, after weeks of begging Chris to seek help, called Dr. John Dixon for a consultation.  John was surely a sight for sore eyes and was welcomed back to his old stomping ground.  He immediately diagnosed Chris and recommended a heart transplant ASAP.

SCENE ONE:  Hallway outside of Chris' Hospital Room

DR. JOHN DIXON: Luke, where is Dr. Oliver?

LUKE SNYDER: I think he went to Java to get some coffee.

DR. JOHN DIXON:  We don't have time for games.  I'll say it again.  Where is Dr. Oliver?

LUKE SNYDER: (head down)  He's driving to Bay City to get that heart for Chris.

We hear alarms going off in Chris Hughes' hospital room.  John goes running with Dr. Bob Hughes not far behind.  Katie is standing next to the bed crying.  Chris is laying on the floor.

DR. JOHN DIXON:  What the hell happened?

KATIE SOMETHING: Chris leaned over to check out his hair in the mirror and fell off the bed. 

John and Bob pull Chris back onto the bed.  Katie leaves the room shaking and finds Luke in the hallway outside the room.

LUKE SNYDER:  Katie, what happened?

KATIE SOMETHING:  I'm not sure. Why do bad things always happen to ME?

John and Bob come out of Chris' room.

DR. JOHN DIXON:  He stopped breathing.  We didn't bother trying CPR because at this hospital we give up on patients too quickly.  There was no chance anyway.  Someone should call Dr. Oliver and tell him we don't need that heart anymore.

Luke pulls out his cell phone and walks away from the crowd gathering in the hallway.  He starts dialing Reid's number.

LUKE SNYDER:  Reid, where are you?

REID OLIVER:  Ummmmm (looking around), I'm on highway 30 right before the train tracks.

LUKE SNYDER:  Turn around and come back.  We don't need that heart anymore.  Chris just passed away.

REID OLIVER:  Are you sure because that Chris is good at lying and pretending?

LUKE SNYDER:  Yes.  Now get back here right away.  Katie is going to need you. 

SCENE TWO: Katie's Apartment

Reid is sitting in the kitchen eating a large sandwich.  The doorbell rings.  He gets up, with food in hand, takes a large bite and opens the door.

REID OLIVER:  Oh, Mr. Snyder...

LUKE SNYDER: I thought you weren't calling me that anymore?

REID OLIVER:  Habits are hard to break sometimes. 

LUKE SNYDER:  Tell me about it (looks at sandwich).  So, where is Katie?

REID OLIVER:  She's over at Bob and Kim's helping with the funeral arrangements.

LUKE SNYDER:  I'm really proud of you for driving to Bay City and trying to get that heart for Chris.

REID OLIVER:  I called over to Bay City General and the Chief of Staff told me they used that heart for a 10 year old boy.  I guess everything worked out.

Reid puts the sandwich down on the plate.  Luke lovingly wipes some crumbs from Reid's mouth.

LUKE SNYDER: ...especially for us.

Reid slowly leans into Luke's personal space (again) and the two kiss.

LUKE SNYDER: (pulls back quickly)  Are we alone? (smiling)

REID OLIVER:  Well, let's see.  No pizza boy.  I turned off my cell phone & pager.  There are no toys around.  I just have to lock the front door and we're in business.  (smiles back)

Just then the fire alarm goes off in the building.

LUKE SNYDER:  (loudly)  Come on, let's head over to the Lakeview.